PM Learning Retreat.
23rd & 24th March 2023 –Waurn Ponds Estate
PM in the New Normal
So much has changed for the better.
What others do
The things your competitors and peers do to stand out.
How to change
The steps you need to take to improve.
Industry Speakers
Dave Skow

Melissa Hickson
Prime Residential Property Management

Kylie Maxwell
Trainer, Coach & Licensed Estate Agent

Beau Miller
Beautique Realty

Rhys Standley
Just Property Management

Courtney Hill
Inspect Real Estate
Hermione Hart
Sidekick Coaching & Consulting

Laura Shooter
SJ Shooter Real Estate

Michael Furlong
Rent Roll Growth Consultant & PM Trainer

Lauren Robinson
Rental Results

Julia Hern
Heart on my Sleeve

The 2023 line-up of speakers are all leading experts and they will give you a lot to think about for both now and the future. Each of the speakers will motivate and educate you on making the changes you need to embrace now while also starting the conversation with you on what else you need to think about doing soon. Our industry has been changing rapidly – some of those changes are the new standard, some soon will be and some will help you stand out from your competition if you adopt them early.

Hailing from the NSW Riverina Region, Dave Skow started his real estate career in 2001 and has held roles in sales and property management, franchise management and training for the Real Estate Institute NSW. After selling his PM business in 2021 after building it to almost 1,000 managements, Dave is now excited to continue to impart his knowledge of business growth and ownership to other property management practitioners around the country.

Melissa has more than 18years of property management experience and brings her wealth of knowledge of each and every client that she comes into contact with! She embraces what it means to be a true property management specialist!

Property Management isn’t just about collecting rent and charging a fee. Melissa is self-educator that loves to learn new skills and loves implementing new ideas into her business.

Melissa is a proud member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and Inspired Growth Training. She stays up to date with legislation changes, elite national and international training and also having continuous training so we can continue to assist in gaining the highest rental return for you and your investment.

She saw a need in the rental market for agents that genuinely care about their clients and their investment properties, that specialise in property management and provide a superior service.

This is how Melissa become the passionate and dedicated Director of one of Melbourne’s Wests top Property Management Agencies – Prime Residential Property Management.

Prime Residential represents her vision to be the best property manager she can be, always wanting to achieve more.

Melissa is a multi-award winner, taking away awards with Inspired Growth Training including the Coaches Choice Award 2019 and the Implementation Award 2019, along with the Real Estate Institute of Vic (REIV ) award for the Business Development Manager of the year in Vic for 2 years back to back in 2019 & 2020, along with the Property Manager of the Year 2021!

She has also had the privilege of being an Australian Finalist for the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) awards twice too!

Melissa shows true passion for her job and doing what she loves every day will ensure that your investment property will be managed with care and professionalism and not become a headache, she simply loves what she does and loves the fact that her clients become life long friends along the way. Melissa is truly passionate about her job!

In her spare time, Melissa is a fitness junkie that enjoys who does Body Fit Training and Pilates daily, loves watching her beloved Collingwood Magpies play AFL, loves to travel solo and is a dog mum her to beautiful American Bulldog Xena.

Melissa’s Session:

In this presentation, you will learn how to build your brand on social media by using raw and real, and easy to create content. We will discuss video and how to create engaging videos for social media.

Melissa will show you how she built her personal brand through LinkedIn and how this can assist you when growing your rent roll and becoming the market expert.

A licensed real estate agent with three decades of experience, including 28 years business ownership with both boutique and franchise models, Kylie has spent her career specialising in Property Management, Operations, Administration, Human Resources, Finance and Budgets, Culture and Customer Experience.

An award-winning agent and business owner, industry commentator and speaker, having recently sold her business, Kylie continues her passion for the industry by where she can be both trainer/coach and mentor to you. Franchise owner of the year, Transform Masters Winner, Year on Year LJ Hooker International Top Agencies for Growth and Profit, Kylie not only talks the talk, but walked the walk when it came to running an efficient and profitable real estate business across all departments as a hands-on operational leader.

With a contagious energy and a zest to make things happen, Kylie works with her clients by listening to their needs, while providing clarity in an honest, direct and no nonsense yet friendly and empathetic manner.

Kylie is excited to connect and engage with property professionals at all stages of their career journey and support them to achieve results, whatever that may be.

Kylie’s Session:

In this session learn how technology can work quietly in the background and provide a level of customer self-service, along with what the personal touch points are to build human connections on the Property Management investment journey.  From this presentation you can put some tools in your tool box that will help build long lasting relationships, become a trusted advisor, build loyalty and receive client referrals.  

Hermione wasn’t named after Harry Potter, but she may have some magic powers! Her ultimate passion is to support driven female business owners, leaders and their teams within the property management industry break through their challenges and blockages to help them reach their business goals and vision for
not just business, but for life. She has a skill in being able to help all property managers become more resilient, develop their mindset, create better systems, feel supported, break through their challenges and avoid the dreaded property management burnout.
With experience working both on the front line, as well as behind the scenes as a service provider, this has
given her a unique perspective on what it takes to run a successful real estate business that continues to
grow and evolve despite challenge. And most importantly that that no two businesses are
the same, no two people are the same, no two teams are the same. It’s a beautiful unique opportunity for
her to meet each client where they are at, create custom solutions and not try to fit anyone into a box.
Hermione has a grounding presence, she has a relatable way of not only getting the message across, but
magically helps to create a shift in the thinking of the people that she works
with. She has a knack for getting people from feeling stuck to unstuck!
You’ll always walk away feeling better about yourself, life and positive about your future. She lives on the central
coast and has two young kids so understands the non stop juggle of life!


Hermione’s Session:

Surviving To Thriving
Let’s journey together and discover the power of how we can utilise a greater understanding of our our mind and bodies our minds to create positive change in our lives. Life in property management is full of challenges and obstacles, but the way we approach and overcome them is what sets us apart. By the end of this session, you will be inspired and equipped with the tools to transform your life from just surviving to truly thriving.

A career spanning across all facets of Residential real estate for almost 25 years, including over 10 years as a Sales focused Principal in the competitive Richmond (VIC) furnished apartment market, Michael has spent the past 10 -12 years developing a reputation amongst the Property Management industry across the Country for his systemised & structured “Cookie Cutter” approach to implementing “Agency Best Practice Principles”.

As a full time “Property Management Consultant & Trainer” specifically aimed at the Agency’s Business Owners” under the banner – Rent Roll Maximiser, with a clear objective to work directly with businesses Leaders to find solutions to the many pain points they have when running a Real Estate Agency.

Most Agency’s experience the same problems, irrespective of size or location, or whether they have Sales Division or operate Property Management only, if they are independent or part of a franchise! The industry is changing daily, however very few businesses have the time, knowledge, resources, budget, staff or strategy to adapt to change or implement the technology required to ensure they run a profitable business now and into the future  – this is where Michael can assist as an external Property Management Business Consultant & Coach!

The Property Management industry is at a tipping point, with ridiculously high numbers of experienced Agents leaving the industry in the hundreds, and only a handful of New Entrants entering the industry each month across the Country.

As the President of The Realestate Resource Group, a Regular Contributor to the APMC Facebook Forum, Conference Presenter, Podcast & Webinar Host, Industry Influencer, Industry Trainer & In Office Property Management Business Consultant directly working in 3-5 offices at any given time, you can be assured that Michael is across the ever expanding list of challenges facing Principals, Leaders and New Entrants as they navigate Legislation changes, New technology platforms, Compliance Requirements, Job Satisfaction, Office Culture, Workplace Flexibility, Professional & Career development, to name a few current pain points.

Michael has the privilege of working alongside some of the industry’s Leaders and most innovative & progressive thinkers across Australia & New Zealand, and he helps Agencies cope with the “today”, whilst planning & preparing for the “tomorrow”, whatever that looks like!

Michael’s Session:

The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective & Successful Real Estate Agent Property Manager

A step-by-step masterclass to help fast track your career & personal life in the next 90 days

 Ever wondered how some Agents (Property Managers) that you know, seem to have all the luck, they appear well organised, and seem to have a great balance between their work & personal life, and their career is going from strength to strength with promotion opportunities. Then I am sure you’d know so many more other Agents (Property Managers) that are just out of control, don’t have any long-term direction, they move from job to job hoping to grow, they’re always rushed, and they never seem to progress within their Agency, with many are at breaking point because they can’t find a balance between their work & personal life.

During this workshop, we will explore a series of Habits, Concepts, Traits, Resources & Systems that Highly Effective & Successful Agents adopt and take the time to map out an individualised 90 Day Step by Step Guide for you to follow to create immediate change.

Beau started in Real Estate in 1998 at the age of 17 in driving prospective tenants from house to house – working with the first Property Management agency in Tasmania not to giving out keys!

With experience in leading Real Estate Businesses across Tasmania and Queensland, and sales and management experience within the largest Real Estate Software company of its time, Beau has a wealth of knowledge and an energy that is unmatched.

In 2005 Beau and her Husband moved to Ipswich after a Defence Relocation to the Amberley Air Base. Shortly after, the Beautique Realty business began. Beau’s absolute passion and ‘first baby’ is to create a winning experience for her clients and a legacy for the real estate industry. Beautique Realty is an example for the future of independent property management agencies.

Now married, with two children, Cody and Zac and family dog Ivy they now call Greater Springfield their home. The boys both attend Greenbank Primary School and keep mum and dad busy between Scouts and Soccer. As a family all four are keen motorbike riders and Beau gets her fix racing around a race track on her Beautique branded Suzuki GSXR 750.

Beau is a leader in her industry, and in 2019 and 2020 finished in the top 12 out of over 350 agents Australia wide in the ELITE AGENT Transform Challenge. In 2022, Beau published a childrens book ‘Little Red is Moving House’ to help children adapt to and feel safe during the uncertain times of moving house.

The Beautique Realty business offers both Rental and Sales services in Greater Springfield and Ipswich area located in the south west corridore of Brisbane. With values that ensure all result is strategically aligned for success. You can be sure that Beau and her friendly team delivers on promises with a personal touch that can be depended upon.

Beau’s Session:

Get ready to conquer your fears! This presentation features Beau, a passionate motorbike rider who loves to hit the racetrack often travelling at over 300km/h! Scary right! But there’s more to Beau’s story: a fear of heights and a freak accident that forced her to learn to drive again. Join Beau as she shares the journey of facing and overcoming her fears and shows you how to identify and tackle your own. With tips, inspiration, and practical tools, you’ll leave ready to rise above anything that holds you back!

Laura knows what it takes to step out, start up and scale a multi-award winning business.

As the co-founder and managing director of SJ Shooter Real Estate, Laura has become a go-to industry voice for how focusing on our shared humanity is the key to leveraging the right systems and technology for our teams, clients and markets.

Together with her husband Samuel, they have scaled their business from a bedroom in their house, to growing into an iconic CBD premises with a high performance team in Dubbo in regional NSW. Innovation has been a hallmark of their growth, attracting many accolades along the way, including the Real Estate Institute of Australia National Awards for Excellence, Best Small Agency of the Year, in 2021.

Her background in government public housing gives her a unique insight into housing policy, and how real agencies can maximise opportunities to build value, while meaningfully contributing to their communities. For Laura and her team, it’s about understanding people’s housing needs at ‘pivotal moments in their lives’.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more curious mind than Laura; a hardwired optimist and a solution hunter with more questions than a two-year-old. She’s cycled 500 km across Thailand for charity, championed mental health organisations, advocated for change in housing shortages and sustainable futures in regional areas.

Laura is a committee member of the REINSW Compass Chapter, a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has been featured in real estate industry publications and media. She lives with her husband and two children in the growing regional city of Dubbo in NSW.

Laura’s Session:

There’s only ‘us’. Find out how unlearning our instinct to perpetuate ‘them and us’ scenarios can elevate your career, your salary, and opportunities in life. You’ll come away with easy-to-implement changes from hard-learned lessons, and some sobering stories to remind you of the special part your role, and our industry, plays in people’s lives.

Rhys Standley has developed a Property Management business that has become an industry leader not only in his area, but across Australia.

Rhys has spent the last 26 years drilling down into the property management industry and has travelled the world to speak to some of the leading property management experts. He has discovered why many property management companies fail and what to do about it.  If you’re experiencing high staff turnover, inundated with complaints, or are unsure how to structure your business to attract and keep good staff, Rhys will share what field tested proven strategies have turned his company around.

Rhys’ Session

In his session, you will find out how to become the employer and company of choice in your area, attract good staff and improve client satisfaction, and still make a profit in this new and challenging economy.

Lauren Robinson is the Founder of Rental Results in Brisbane and has nearly two decades experience in the property management industry. Committed to learning and extending her knowledge Lauren has completed a Bachelor of Business Majoring in Marketing, a Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) and is a licensed real estate agent. Lauren was awarded a Business Achiever Award at the 2019 Women in Business Awards. Lauren has authored the book ‘Rented!’. ‘Rented!’ takes the hard work and stress out of the property management process and shows new (and not so new) investors how to develop an investor mindset, secure the most suitable tenants, create property appeal, manage your legal responsibilities and rent out your property in the quickest possible timeframe.

Lauren’s Session:

In this presentation you will learn how to deliver exceptional service and create reoccurring referrals and fans by learning the fundamentals of creating a great customer experience. Learn the importance of the customer journey and how to effectively map this. Discover how you can measure customer satisfaction through metrics and testing to ensure success. Finally learn how to create standout service through strategies that result in customer loyalty.

Julia is currently serving as the General Manager of the charity Heart On My Sleeve,
which is a social movement and mental health peer support services provider. She
has utilised her professional qualifications and background in educational
psychology, instructional design and behaviour change to drive the creation and
execution of the Real Conversations® training program through the corporate and
consumer markets in Australia and beyond, with participants reporting life changing
Having been a speaker and workshop facilitator for over 10 years, her expertise spans
several areas. Julia’s facilitation style is a captivating mix of personal experience & an
evidence-based approach – served in a raw, compassionate, and humorous style,
complemented by the breadth of her career as an actor, teacher, and civil
Julia has deep lived experience with trauma, and thrives while living with the ongoing
symptoms of mental ill health diagnoses, including Depression and BPD. Julia role
models the powerful impact of recovery and integration leading to high
Formerly a consultant at EY, Julia worked on an engagement with the CBA for 7 years,
refining and delivering their financial literacy curriculum for young people. She holds
a Bachelor of Performing Arts and a Grad. Dip. Ed.
After years of working and studying all over Australia and the globe, Julia is currently
enjoying a hybrid lifestyle working in Sydney but also spending several months of the
year nesting on her property in the Huon Valley in Tasmania where she runs a small
sanctuary for rescued domestic and farm animals.

Julia’s Session:

“Boundaries” is a term that many people use when they’re referring to placing a barrier between themselves and someone or something. In this session we’ll learn how boundaries can keep us safe, but also actually enhance connections, keeping us IN authenticity and OUT of resentment. We’ll explore how having a conversation about expectations, and discovering your own felt sense of genuine consent will make all the difference to your personal and professional relationships.

This fun and interactive session will leave you feeling empowered and with language and knowledge you can start to use right away.

Within an hour of meeting Courtney, she has probably invited you out for Wine. And Cheese. And more Wine.

After 18 years of Property Management experience including managing departments, she met her now-husband whilst hosting an open for inspection – the real estate cliché.

Courtney is the accidental co-founder of a small South Gippsland vineyard, Tilson Hill, which has won several awards, including best Pinot in Gippsland.

For the last 8 years, Courtney has partnered with the global prop-tech legends from InspectRealEstate and is now National Sales Manager. In 2021, Courtney co-founded Those Real Estate Chicks, a place for all real estate professionals to come and have a laugh and learn a few things.

Courtney lives with her husband, three young boys, four chickens & an alarming number of wild rabbits – you will usually find Courtney re-watching the 2021 AFL grand final with a glass of Tilson Hill Chardy in hand. Using her unique experience – Courtney brings a fresh perspective to the art of business development and prospecting.

Who should attend?
The PMLR is suitable for all PM professionals
PMs & Staff
Spend some quality time with other PM’s and be inspired by the career journeys of your peers and the speakers.
Managers & Leaders
Grow your career further and learn how to get the most out of yourself and your team while networking with like-minded people.
Directors & Owners
Take your business and your life to the next level and learn via the inspiration of others who have done it and succeeded.
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The Program

Check-in closer to the event for an updated program.
22nd March – Networking Drinks & Platters

Join us at the venue for  welcome drinks & some delicious cheese boards.

6:00pm – 9.00pm
23rd March
9.30am – Registrations & Morning Tea
10.00am – Conference Begins with MC Dave Skow
10.15am – Julia Hern: Healthy Boundaries
11.20am – Michael Furlong: The 7 Habits of a highly effective & successful Property Manager
12.25pm – Lunch
1.30pm – Melissa Hickson: LinkedIn & Social Media
2.20pm – Lauren Robinson: How to create exceptional Customer Service
3.10pm – Afternoon Tea
3.45pm: Courtney Hill: BDM
5.00pm – Day 1 Close
6.30pm – 9.30pm – Dinner & Drinks at the Venue
9.30pm – Late Night Pizza Delivery
24th March 
8.30am – Check out of hotel & morning tea
9.00am – Day 2 Opens with MC Dave Skow
9.05am – Rhys Standley: Becoming an Employer & Company of Choice
10.00am – Beau Miller: Conquer Your Fears
10.50am – Morning Tea
11.20am – Laura Shooter: There’s only Us
12.15pm – Kylie Maxwell:  Human Connections in a Digital World
1.05pm- Lunch
2.10pm – Hermione Hart: Surviving to Thriving
3.00pm – Sponsor Door Prize Draw
3.20pm – Conference Close
The New World of Property Management is here.

 The 2023 speakers are champions of change. The are innovators & industry experts – join them and learn what they have done, how they did it, and what you need to do too.

Past Attendee Comments
Bonnie Swann

This was by far one of the best conferences to attend for content and networking. Very interactive. Loved it!!


Such an informative, engaging conference. Facility was amazing. Definitely the best conference by far I’ve been too.

Obrien Real Estate Berwick

Was a pleasure to attend PMLR 2018. Two days full of valuable information and great fun. Bring on 2019!

Emma Clements
Harcouts Albury Woodonga

PMLR is such an amazing experience for any property manager. So much knowledge to taken from this experience. Such an abundance of knowledge to be taken and applied to our jobs! It gives us the much needed boost at this time of the year.

Samantha Owen

Leaving the PMLR Conference, I feel motivated to implement changes to do better. It was a great informative two days and the venue was lovely. Thanks 🙂

Samara McMahon

PMLR is such a fantastic two-day conference. Great speakers, amazing people and a lot of fun. I always leave re-motivated and ready to smash it out. Thank you Hayley & Warren. Amazing yet again!!

Sarah Martin
Melbourne Property Managers

I attend conferences all throughout the year. PMLR is intimate, relevant and it is definitely the best conference I’ve attended.

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